Sometimes organizations don’t have the available bandwidth to do the work themselves and want to outsource the project. We’ll be happy to do that for you. We discuss your needs and then take the output of the application baseline and begin the work.

What that means

We start immediately on the preparation backlog produced from the application baseline. We need to install a test harness around the application (if this doesn’t already exist) before we start breaking the monolith. This is to keep defects refactoring activity introduced into your environment to an absolute minimum. In order to construct these tests, we will also need availability to a subject matter expert to help us understand what correct application behavior should be.

We work with you to prioritize the recommendations that come out of the application baseline, and the decision to accept or not accept any of our recommendations rests with you. Those that are accepted will be treated as epics and we’ll do the analysis to drive out stories to support it.

All the work we do will be hosted at the AWS cloud. As much as possible, we’ll make every effort not to burden your operations staff with supporting us. The approved work will be hosted at Amazon AWS and any needed access will be given to your testing staff to make sure the application with our refactoring works as you intended.

You will be assigned an account manager as a single point of contact.

What we deliver

  • An application test suite that tests overall application functionality and we set up a Jenkins job that runs on a frequent schedule. Typically, this is created as a safety measure before any refactoring takes place.
  • Refactored code that’s more maintainable than the original. For each microservice or included library, your delivery contains the following items:
    • Training for your staff so that they can support the new code-base.
    • Documentation(e.g. Javadoc) if it’s a library or Swagger documentation or if it’s a RESTful web service
    • Installation and deployment documentation for new services
    • Installation and deployment DDL for any new databases or schemas
    • Overview presentation to your staff to walk through new libraries or services
    • Contract test suite for RESTFul web services
    • Unit test suite for libraries
    • Integration with the legacy application
    • Test team support for defects found
    • Post-production remediation for two weeks.

Typically, most efforts will result in the delivery of multiple services, and we may have multiple services being refactored at the same time. Each refactoring will be performed in a separate branch, and if needed, we will reflect application changes to the legacy application in newly constructed services.