Break The Monolith is a member of the Delta Vortex Technologies consulting group, and it is a consulting practice that specializes in helping companies keep large custom applications scalable and maintainable. Custom applications usually start out with a simple focus. All too often, they are enhanced with features well beyond what the initial product was designed to handle. All too often, time and resources aren’t available to rewrite code along the way. Consequently, the application code base becomes larger, more complex, and much more difficult and costly to enhance and fix. The application becomes a “monolith.”

Break the Monolith was conceived and developed by managing partner Derek Ashmore as a logical outgrowth of his work on microservices and his experience refactoring large unmanageable applications. Derek has observed that there is too little guidance for software professionals tasked with breaking unmanageable monolithic applications into smaller, more discreet services that are easier to manage and less costly to maintain. Break the Monolith seeks to change that.

Derek C. Ashmore, Managing Partner

Derek Ashmore is a senior technology expert with over 25 years of experiences in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Derek currently focuses on microservices architecture, cloud computing, and refactoring unsupportable applications. His past roles include Application Architect, Cloud Architect, Project Manager, among others. Derek is widely published, primarily in the Java/Java EE and Oracle spaces. Derek's books include the The Java EE Architect's Handbook and Microservices for Java EE Architects.